Microchips for Dogs and Cats


A Microchip Could Save Your Pet's Life

A microchip implant is an identifying integrated circuit placed under the skin of a pet in their subcutaneous layer between their shoulder blades with a unique identification code. The microchip is about the size of a large grain of rice and uses passive RFID (Radio Frequency Identification Device) technology. Microchips are produced by a number of manufacturers in the United States and other countries.

A few misconceptions about microchips are that: 1) a microchip does not locate a missing pet. It is not a GPS device. 2) The city shelter does not maintain a microchip registry. 3) Personal information is NOT stored on the microchip.

It is incredibly important that you register your microchip. Simply having your pet microchipped does not ensure that they will find their way back to you. If a pet with an unregistered microchip is found it may still be possible to locate. Often a microchip is implanted and the registration forms are given to you to fill out on your own. Occasionally, however, the veterinary hospital will do the registration for you. Just ask! If you do not send in the forms, the microchip will not be registered. It is also very important that you don’t forget to update your contact information with the microchip registry when you move! Please let the doctors and staff at Shoreline Veterinary Hospital know if you are interested in a microchip.

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