Geriatric Pet Care


Because Older Pets Need Specialized Care

A geriatric exam is a full comprehensive physical exam of your older pet with specific attention and discussion of the ailments of our elderly patients. These afflictions include arthritis, dental disease, kidney disease, liver disease, and ocular diseases (including cataracts, dry eye, and glaucoma). Many of these diseases require bloodwork, x-rays and a urinalysis to start and potentially some more specific tests to follow. Our dogs and cats age much faster than we do. While our lifespan is an average of 80-85 years, our feline friends have an average lifespan of 12-18 years and our canine companions average 11-14 years (lower for giant breed dogs and higher for small breed dogs). Given the speed of aging for our pets and the progression of these diseases, the doctors at Shoreline Veterinary Hospital recommend an exam every 6 months for our older patients.

Are You Ready for Your Visit?

If you have an elderly cat or dog, don't hesitate to schedule an appointment with us. Our goal is for all pets to live happy and healthy lives.