Allergy Testing for Cats and Dogs


Because Pets Can Have Allergies, Too

Allergies and allergy testing are a big question in the veterinary world. Anything that YOU can be allergic to your PET can be allergic to also.

In general, pets have 5 main categories of allergies: seasonal, non-seasonal, food, flea, and contact. Allergies in pets can present in many different ways. The most common symptoms are licking and chewing at their skin (usually their abdomen or paws), redness, hair loss, watery eyes, runny nose, sneezing, and GI upset. There are many different dietary options and medications that can be utilized to help keep our furry friends symptom-free. Another option is allergy (blood) testing and allergy injections. This is commonly recommended for those pets that have extensive seasonal and non-seasonal allergies, however, they can be utilized for most pets with allergies.

Are You Ready for Your Visit?

If you suspect your pet is suffering from allergies, please don't hesitate to schedule your appointment with us. The doctors at Shoreline Veterinary Hospital will be happy to discuss your pet's needs at your visit.